When will I receive my withdrawal?

The time it takes to receive a withdrawal depends on how a withdrawal was made: For cryptocurrencies, withdrawals are sent immediately after you click on the withdrawal confirmation link sent in an e-mail. The time it takes to credit a withdrawal to your wallet depends on how fast new transaction blocks of a given cryptocurrency are recorded and usually ranges from a few to no more than twenty minutes. For transfers in PLN, the execution time depends on how the payment was requested:

  • BlueCash express payments are executed within 5–10 minutes, if your bank processes internal payments at a given moment. Some banks do not process payments on weekends or at night; in such a case, a payment will be executed as soon as your bank resumes the processing of payments.
  • A traditional wire transfer is sent within two business days from the moment it is approved, at the latest, although this usually happens on the same or next day. You will be notified by e-mail when a payment is sent. After a transfer has been sent, it is effected in accordance with the general rules of processing and crediting payments by the Polish National Clearing House (Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa), which means that it should be credited to your account in the evening on the same day or around noon on the next day.
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