Why was my payment rejected?

In order to be accepted, your payment must meet certain conditions:

  • The sender of a payment must be the same person or company whose details were provided when the account was registered on our site.
  • The reference information field must contain the following text “Transfer of funds to BitMarket.pl account login XXXXX”, where the login to be provided is the login for your account.

These conditions ensure that funds to your account may be added only by you and not by third parties. If a transfer does not meet these conditions, it will be rejected.

The most frequent reasons why payments are rejected include:

  • Executing a transfer as an express/instant payment. Such payments are executed by Blue Media and it is Blue Media that is shown as the sender of the transfer. Consequently, we are unable to verify that it was you who sent it. If you need to quickly add funds to your account, use an electronic payment.
  • A cash payment at the post office or a bank branch office. Also in this case we have no way of knowing who the actual sender of the payment is.
  • Payment sender details do not match the account details in our system.
  • Incorrect text in the reference information field.
  • International transfer.
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